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Tenacious International Shops

(your tracking number starts with W and appears before your name in the confirmation email we sent to you)

The Tenacious Toys International Shops offer our international customers several advantages:

  1. Translation of entire website into your language
  2. Shop in your own currency
  3. Take advantage of a cheaper freight forwarding service for shipping

Q: How do the International Shops work?

A: When you visit our US shop (tenacioustoys.com) from a supported country, you will shop as normal, adding items to your cart. When you click the "Check Out" button in the cart, you will see the cart redirect you to the international shop and cart. Your items should stay in your cart, but you can check out in your currency, with the cheaper freight forwarding shipping.

All orders placed in an international shop will ship in a 2-stage freight forwarding process: 

  1. Stage 1 is a Fedex shipment to a freight forwarding warehouse in Pennsylvania, USA.
  2. Stage 2, your package receives a new tracking number and is sent by air to your country where end delivery is done by your local post office.

Both tracking numbers will be sent to you via email. Look for emails from Glopal.com, our international partner.

Q: What if I don't want to shop in the international shop?

A: Click the very small link at the bottom of the international cart page to be redirected back to the US shop:

Canadian customers usually prefer to opt out of shopping at the Canada Shop because our warehouse is close to Canada and a direct shipment makes more sense. Therefore, shopping at tenacioustoys.com (the US shop) is better for Canadian customers.

Q: What if I'm still having problems?

A: If you can't check out in the way you want to check out, are having issues with the International Shops, have concerns about the freight forwarding, or anything else, do not hesitate to email Benny directly: tenacioustoys at gmail dot com

One workaround is that Benny can set up an order for you manually and simply email you a link to check out.

Q: How do I know if I've checked out via the US shop or an international shop?

A: The easiest way to tell is if your package is headed to Pennsylvania, USA, to a totally different address than your address, you've checked out in the International Shop.

Q: HELP! You sent my package to a weird US address! What happened? Please fix it!

A: There are no problems. Be patient. That is the first stage of freight forwarding. Your package will be delivered to you in 2 weeks. Look for emails from Glopal with your second tracking number. You can also track it yourself using the tracking code starting with W which appears before your name in our confirmation email.

Q: Do you include VAT in your international shipments?

A: NO. You are responsible for paying your own VAT, we have absolutely no way of including a VAT payment in a package destined for your country.