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35MechatroWeGo EVA Unit 01 articulated 4-inch robot figure

$ 57.97

35MechatroWeGo EVA Unit 01

PREORDER arriving June 2017

  • 10cm tall
  • highly articulated

In the late 1940s, the mechatronic bot industry had developed worldwide. However, its size was large, even though it was a humanoid, it was inorganic, and it was just a thing that was just like a machine tool. These mechatronic bots were also imported to Japan, but because of their huge size that does not fit the country of Japan, it has not spread widely and there are few opportunities for the general public to see. In 1957, Japan's "Mechatro Chubu" (Chubu Mechatronics) announces a breakthrough mini mechatronic bot that has not existed before, it was Light Mechatrobot "Tube one."