Alex Pardee Bunnywith 8-inch vinyl figure by Mighty Jaxx

$ 165.00
Bunnywith is a simple creature with a simple life. But that simplicity is what makes him one of the most magical critters in the universe. You see, Bunnywith’s only goal in life is to be “WITH” things. “What things?” you ask. Well, ANY things, actually! Bunnywith is always happy as long as he is WITH something. That’s it. It’s really that simple. Don’t overthink it! You might explode! His name is Bunnywith. He likes things. So give him something and watch him smile!

Now, Bunnywith has found a brand new life in the form of a collectible vinyl figure, which means that YOU can finally be WITH him every day!

  • 8" tall
  • vinyl
  • designed by Alex Pardee
  • produced by Mighty Jaxx
  • limited edition
  • Each figure will be individually hand-numbered with the final edition size.