Alex Pardee Candemons Candy Cornelius Original Mix Edition 7-inch art toy

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Candy Corn doesn't just haunt Halloween anymore. Based off of Alex Pardee's evil-candy characters and accompanying enamel pin set, “The Candemons”, comes the first of 6 classic candy-coated vinyl-collectible demons to crawl from your candy bowl: Candy Cornelius. This fall favorite stands approximately 7.5" tall and sports that trademark Brightmares grin. Have one haunt your collection today!

The Alex Pardee Candemons (candy... demons... Candemons!) are what happens when good sweets go bad. More common than you might think!

Cornelius is that fetid old candy corn that's been around forever... we're pretty sure it was demonic from Day 1, but that's just us. Standing 7.5" tall, with pointy teeth and sharp claws, the OG Edition Cornelius has been lurking in your Grandma's Halloween candy dish since 1932.

  • designed by Alex Pardee
  • 7.5" tall
  • Original Mix retailer colorway
  • produced by 3DRetro