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The second edition in the Astro Gaki series by JT Studio. This set includes two action figures (WM.03 Devil Breaker & WM.04 Ghost Raider) with multiple accessories and cut & sew clothing. Each figure is limited to just 99 units, and we have the last 4 units of each.

These two figures are packaged and sold individually at $299 each. More info below:


WM.03 aka "Devil Breaker"

After WM.02 incident, the military decided to go underground with all research. WM03 is modified based on the basis of WM02, and it is known to be the first successful weaponised ND. WM.02 was charge with nuclear energy, an energy that is known to be closest to unlimited energy, when the energy is installed into WM.03, WM.03 body turn red as the energy flow thru it's body due to overheating, but overall the process is a success.

Even though it's a success, WM.02 and WM.03 share the same trait of having great fire power, but unlike 02 that went berserk and destroy everything at sight. WM.03 energy source have the chance of overload, and it is required to disperse some of the energy from time to time. And due to the reason that 03 is a vanguard, it have to fight in dire places and situation. Thus the energy dispersal line have been design as a sharp arrow shape connector that is able to break into any terrain to disperse the energy in order to maintain its core stability.

From the previous experience of WM.02, the military professor created a special jacket that act as a terminal to hack into the system of WM series.

*During the development phase, the head researcher of the special jacket witness WM.03 turning red during the energy installation, and believe that WM.03 is a advent of a devil. Obsessed with the thought, the professor designed the jacket in the image of devil. The military personnel did not bat

WM.04 aka "Ghost Raider"

A unit made shortly after WM.03, due to the reason nuclear energy overloading and causing functionality issue. The military decided to revert to the normal electrical source, while configuring WM.04 into a spy unit that linger in the darkness, specialising in infiltrating, sabotaging and hacking.

*unlike WM.03, WM.04 had downgraded it's Armor thickness and weight in order to increase it's stealthiness, it's weapon firepower had also been reduced in order to reduce the usage of energy.

According to the research data, WM.04 tail have kept its sharp arrow like design but added in new feature such as functioning as connector to electronic and charging port. The tail sharpness have also been kept to be used by WM.04 as weapon.

To accommodate WM.04 stealthiness, the professor have made changes to the special jacket by changing the color into black and adding in anti-detection system. However the antenna on the head have been kept to prevent WM.02 incident, and it have added the feature to upload data as well, so that WM.04 can relay the information to the military first hand.

*Due to the reason that the professor special jacket design do not interfere with WM.03 mobility, the military acquiescence the professors design to be carry forward as WM.04 jackets design

• Each limited to 99 pieces Worldwide 

• No include the Battery ( AG1x6 )