CANDEMOM custom Alex Pardee Candy Cornelius figure by Soko Cat

$ 250.00

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SoKo Cat is back with another amazingly awesome piece! 

Introducing Candemom (Candy+Demon+Mom).  She is a Jewish-Italian rainbow cookie from NYC who has returned from the grave just to nag you.  You'll go mad as her haunting words relentlessly criticize every aspect of your life:

"When are you going to cut your hair?"
"You're not wearing that tonight, are you?"
"Can't you just put your dishes into the dishwasher?"

Scoop her up before she asks why you haven't and when you will.

  • original figure designed by Alex Pardee
  • 7.5" tall
  • vinyl produced by 3DRetro
  • this one of a kind original customized figure has been hand-painted & customized by SoKo Cat