Charlie The Angry Elephant OG Pink Edition 4-inch vinyl figure by AngelOnce & UVD Toys

$ 49.99

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Introducing Charlie the Angry Elephant, the signature character by AngelOnce!

The first edition of this 4" tall vinyl figure comes in the character's OG Pink colorway. 

  • 4 inches tall
  • vinyl
  • design by AngelOnce
  • produced by UVD Toys

About AngelOnce:

Something about the art of AngelOnce-- the way he flows with a spray can has caught the attention of young and mature audiences alike. He is the original creator of the Pink Angry Elephant and graffiti artist. From painting walls, murals to galleries and most recently with his new obsession of hand crafting one of a kind designer toys. He came out with his pink elephant character and has been since seen painting across Southern California. His philosophy for accomplishment is to continue to push hard and spread the angry elephant love across all nations.

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