Double Ply: Roll or Die 3.5" vinyl figure by Looming Doom

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It's still 2020! Welcome to the shit show!

You think you've seen some shit? You think you've had a shitty year? Well, double ply is right there with you!

Double Ply has had it with 2020! Murder hornets  flying about, toilet paper shortages, and stay at home orders have left Double Ply... worn out. Wiped. Tired. He's had enough of 2020's shit and is ready to roll out. 

This 3.5'' vinyl art (sort of) piece is white with black eyes. He could talk about the Pantones in his eyes but he doesn't want to bore you with semantics. His flame is a transparent red and orange mix illuminating how calm he is even during the shit show that is 2020.