FU-Stamps Demonio 7-inch resin figure The Exorcist Edition

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Demonio "The Exorcist Edition" is a Tenacious Toys exclusive.
Debut at NYCC 2019!
Just in time for Halloween, and NYCC, Tenacious Toys and Rios Palante team up for this creepy color way, based on the classic horror movie!
This figure is 7” tall and is sculpted in high detail. The figure’s sword can be displayed in Demo's backpack or in his hand. This deluxe figure also comes with interchangeable magnetic heads. You can swap out Demonio’s head with his demon mask!
Demonio, also known as the “Dark Side Kid,” is an urban legend around the neighborhood, however Demonio is in fact real. He was raised in the bowels of an abandoned building deep in the forgotten section of the South Bronx. Demonio is thought of as a monster whose name is whispered in the ears of misguided children from the hood. It is said that the act of just muttering his name will ensure absolute pain and death.
Demonio sprints in silence, carrying his “Killing Gods Swords". The only way to know if he is preying on you is through the emerging stench of sulfur and blood. Those that finally smell the scent of blood will also realize that the blood is in fact their own.
Figure stands 7 inches tall, hand painted and casted in resin.

This Exorcist Edition Demonio figure is limited to only 50 pieces.

Designed by Rios Palante