Galactic Bots Stellar Bot 7” Resin Figure by Kleque Method

$ 65.00


From the Planet of Beep Booplia, The Galactic Bots are designed to deliver packages throughout the Robot Galaxy. Galaxy. Stellar bot is used to deliver sexy
packages. In hopes to get a robots attention, It's designed with a desirable musky oil scent to attract the recipient to the senders layer (musky oil not included)

  • 7 inches tall
  • one of a kind
  • made of resin, hand painted
  • designed & produced by Kleque Method

About the Artist:

Kleque Method is from Victoria, BC Canada. Her passion for design and creativity flourished in 2013 where she started fine tuning her craft in digital and acrylic medium. Her creative style speaks bold color and broad lines with a variety of random shapes throughout her designs. Often obscure and abstract, her designs are lively with personality. Her inspiration is derived from street art and urban contemporary art. In addition, she is inspired by nature, architecture and character illustration.