Harley Quinn Calavera 7.5-inch vinyl figure by Jose Pulido x Unruly Industries

$ 150.00

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Jose Pulido’s Harley Quinn Calavera limited edition designer collectible toy captures Gotham’s iconic Maid of Mischief with a colorful new lease on afterlife!

Artist Statement: My Calaveras originally grew from my inspiration from Jose Guadalupe Posada’s work. I really enjoyed his work and particularly the many skeletons that he created. My intent for the Batman designs was to create a modern take on his skeletons using my own artwork style, which fuses Mexican culture with American pop culture.

About the Artist:

I’m an artist from southern California. I am both influenced by popular culture and by the Mexican culture that I grew up with. I like to create a fusion between the 2 cultures with my work. It’s important for me for a bit of my heritage to show in my work so the Calaveras I create are an important representation of Mexican culture, amongst many other meanings that the Calaveras have for me.

  • Materials: PVC & vinyl
  • Product Size: Height: 7.5"
  • edition of 750