iBoy retro 10cm toy figure from Classicbot

$ 36.00

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Remember when the iconic MP3 players first came out, and we were so excited about carrying a thousand songs in our pocket? Here is a toy figure that will make you feel nostalgic about that time.


  • Crafted from high quality ABS plastic
  • Glossy white painted body and limbs
  • Mirror-like chrome rear finish
  • Easily posable magnetic-jointed limbs
  • Ultra-fine silk-screened details
  • Added weight ensures satisfying heftiness
  • Realistic wired headphone connection (nonfunctional)
  • Clickable buttons and turnable wheel
  • Stands some 10 cm tall and weighs approx. 100 gms in robot mode
  • iBoy contains small part and is not suitable for kids aged under 14