IZMOJUKI 1/12 Scale Probe 20WT (IDA Security Edition) Figure by 1000toys

$ 150.00 $ 179.99

The 1/12 Scale Probe 20WT (IDA Security Edition) is the next release from  the popular Izmo Juki Mecha Series!  This Ida Security edition will come in blue with white and yellow markings. These will come fully articulated which combined with the rotating wheels will allow you to have these put in many awesome poses!


IZMOJUKI was started in 2000 by Japanese mechanical designer Junji Okubo. Its base concept, “laboring robots in urban areas of near future Tokyo,” takes a step further from the boundaries of contemporary Japanese mech design. In 2016 1000toys joined forces with Junji and we began developing 1/12th scale versions of his original designs. The line kicked off with the IZMOJUKI Probe 20WT toy with more designs on the way. All the figures share an interchangeable modular building system.

  • by 1000toys
  • Length: approx 20cm / 7.9 inches