Joe Ledbetter x DC Artists Alley Robin 3.8-inch vinyl figure

$ 60.00

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A skilled and multifaceted creator, Joe Ledbetter (aka JLed) has experience as an artist, illustrator, and perhaps most importantly for Artist’s Alley… a toy designer. Borne from humble origins in underground art shows and influenced by 1980’s videogames, animation, and skateboarding, he’s risen in prominence thanks to his crisp, bold lines, a vibrant palette, and work which is socially conscious, reflective, and human.

JLed’s anthropomorphic creature work has been a hallmark of his design, and his take on DC Characters is a delightful mix of literalism and playfulness.

He’s a Teen Titan, a Boy Wonder, but in this figure from the playful mind of Joe Ledbetter, something seems fowl.

The imagination and literalism of Ledbetter take flight in this piece, but don’t stay in your nest when this rockin’ figure arrives.

  • Limited to 3,000
  • individually numbered
  • Measures Approximately 3.85" Tall
  • Designed and Painted by Joe Ledbetter
  • Sculpted by Joe Menna