Juicy Gents Wave 1 Sticker Pack by Inprimewetrust

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The Juicy Gents characters were born out of Prime's fascination with both bodybuilding, and pop culture. He smashed the two worlds together to make this series of illustrations. We loved them so much that we turned them into limited-edition stickers packs. Wave 1 contains Gigantor, Mazinger-Z and Voltron. More waves coming!

  • 3 stickers & a postcard in the Wave 1 pack
  • Wave 1 limited to just 60 packs
  • each large 4x4" sticker is a high quality glossy die-cut
  • characters designed & illustrated by Inprimewetrust
  • stickers are exclusive to Tenacious Toys - visit Prime's shop for enamel pins
  • bagged in a snazzy polybag