Fortress Mad SprayCan Mutant by Quiccs x MAD 8" vinyl figure

$ 99.99
Mad Spraycan Mutant "MAD Honor Among Crooks" edition
by Quiccs x Jeremy MadL x Martian Toys
Mad Mutant Spraycan is on it’s relentless assault and has teamed up with the mighty manila killa Quiccs to bring this street beast to the East
By Quiccs x MadL x MartianToys

Platform Designed by legendary Jeremy Madl, Edition, Designed by Renowned Manila Based Street Artist Quiccs, and  made by those alien misfit toy makers, Martian Toys, get ready for a gang of grungy tough mentally disturbed Mutant Spray Cans to rattle your cage.
  • Vinyl Figure
  • 8” Tall
  • 6 points of articulation
  • 2 sets of shoes, Eraser and Vans
  • Really RATTLES!!