Master9Eyes 1/12 Vinyl version 15cm figure by Daytoner x PureArts

$ 75.00

PureArts introduces its very first designer art toy, Master 9 Eyes, in collaboration with artist Daytoner! 

This original character design of a futuristic, chunky samurai is the perfect blend of both a badass character with perfectly designed shapes. His overall look is completed by his puffed jacket and stylish katana backpack. His opponents usually underestimated him due to his chunky appearance... but he always had a better stance. There are rumors about the ninth eye. Some say it’s his MK II combat sensor others say it’s instinct.

  • Designed by DAYTONER    
  • Produced by PureArts                                                   
  • Product size: 1/12 scale / 15cm tall                                                     
  • Material: Vinyl