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Resin Is King Series 3 Blind Box Mystery Figure

$ 30.00
    • SOLD OUT - Series 4 releasing at Five Points Fest in NYC in May 2017

    Resin Is King is a concept developed by Brian Ahlbeck of Dead Hand Toys and Benny Kline of Tenacious Toys as a way to showcase the talents of the artist who are currently sculpting, molding and casting collectibles in resin.

    Resin Is King is a blind box series (also known as a mystery figure series). All boxes look the same on the outside, they will contain different figures inside each box.

    Resin Is King Series 3 features 10 artists, each of which submitted 10 pieces of their figure in various colors. (100 total blind boxes in this series). Some artists made 10 unique pieces in 10 colors, other artists made a "main" and an "alternate" color variant, or several alternates.

    Each resin figure is just under 3" tall.

    Like other blind box series, RIKS3 boxes contain an ID card which will help you figure out name of the artist that created your piece. Each BB will also contain a Resin Is King sticker. A few blind boxes will contain an extra insert, like an assortment of Golden Tickets. Golden Tickets are little inserts that win the recipient MORE items or prizes! Golden Tickets in this series include free figures from various artists, plus discounts and coupon codes that work at the Tenacious Toys shop.

      Artist Roster of Resin Is King Series 3:

      Resin Is King Series 3 will make its debut at NYCC Booth 309.

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