Run-A-Mucks Mini Figures Series 1 Yellow color by Last Resort Toys

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Run-A-Mucks is a series of mini figures in the tradition of classics like M.U.S.C.L.E. or Monster in My Pocket. It is a set of 6 unique characters, each designed by a different artist, and sculpted by Bryan Fulk:

  1. Grinade by Al Sharpe (aka bigburty)
  2. Antaeus by Sam De Jesus
  3. Commander Sporloff by Trysta 
  4. Coughin' Coffin by Nik Sardos, a.k.a. T16skyhopp
  5. Stinkweed by Gabriel Barragan and Christopher Howard Wolf (Slimebeast)
  6. Blowman by Bryan Fulk

Figures measure 1.75 to 2" tall each. Produced by Last Resort Toys. Comes bagged with fancy inner tray, and header card attached to the toughest polybag you'll ever open.