Stairway to Hell...o 6-inch vinyl figure by Pseudo5 x Unruly Industries

$ 140.00
They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, but what happens when you stare too deeply?  Ascend into madness with Pseudo5’s limited edition colorful and creepy Stairway to Hell…o, and enter the freakish funhouse of your most vibrant nightmares!

Artist Statement: Stairway to Hell...o exists in an alternate dimension where every day is a psychedelic nightmare and where your nightmares are this clown’s feast! Enter the psychedelic dream world by ascending the staircase to his madness or he will send in the frowns! 

About the Artist: 

Pseudo5 is a psychedelic dark artist who specializes in creating neon illustrations of cryptozoological creatures and creepy clowns among other wild monstrosities! Part of what makes her work so exciting is her youthful sense of wonder and fantasy that makes its way into each piece. Her work walks a fine line between repulsion and enticement, and bright colors and playful style with dark imagery are trademarks of her work.

  • Materials: PVC & vinyl
  • Product Size: Height: 6"
  • edition of 300