The Boy Water Edition 20cm resin figure by WeArtDoing

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In every child’s mind, there lies a fantasy world of their own. From a child’s perspective, the world is not black and white. It is erratic and full of colors. Their curiosity about the vast world creates endless questions. Once they realize their parents or teachers were not omniscient “encyclopedias”, those unsolved mysteries began to take root and sprout on their own in their young hearts. Eventually, it weaves into a beautiful illusion.
  • 20cm / 7.9" tall
  • made of resin
  • produced by WeArtDoing

When fantasy is too beautiful, it gradually overrides reality. The child created a new "utopia" in his heart where he is a reliable king. He used his imagination to build a castle fortified by a wall of his innocence.

One day, an unexpected visitor put up seals on every part of the castle, the once worry-free “utopia” collapsed along with it. The helpless child fled with his heavy crown and have since been expelled from his own fantasy world.

The child with the crown began to learn the laws of the new world, searching for truth. Complex ideas, rules, orders, customs, value systems and ideologies have taken shape in the mind of the child. The crown on his head bound him to the rules, limited his imagination, and no longer allowed him to use his own eyes to explore the truth of the world.

The still naive child learned to become a composed adult and to control his emotions. Those who stood above him praised him for being calm and collected. But those who carefully observe can see the clashing waves in depth of his eyes. Different perspectives yield different conclusions.

We all have been lost in between fantasy and reality before. We adhere to the set rules as if they were God’s will and blindly pass judgement on what truth really is. Perhaps we have yet to realize, our childhood perseverance for the truth and our yearning for good and beauty have been drifting further away from us.

When the adult world is surrounded by resistance to change, sternness, thoughtlessness, and violence; we cannot help but miss the fantasy dream world of our childhood. It is a beautiful and pure illusion like a colorful soap bubble that expands. But eventually, it is pierced by the sharp blade of reality follow by a crisp pop sound that leaves behind a lasting nightmare within the heart.
The adult world is also in need of imagination. Deep down in their hearts, every adult has a desire to own their own toy.

Perhaps when we take off our crown, our view of the world can be as vivid and vibrant as it once was in our youth.