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TOA Heavy Industries Synthetic Human 1/12 Scale Action Figure 4th Run by 1000toys

$ 65.00

in stock now - 4th production run

From 1000toys. The prototype build of the male type Synthetic Human was developed by TOA Heavy Industries for special operations. For the first time in 1/12-scale, this is not a mere downsized version of the original 1/6-Scale TOA Heavy Industries Synthetic Human, but a more brushed up version with articulation, gimmick and outline optimized to fit the 1/12-scale body size. If you are new to the world of TOA Heavy Industries, now is your time to jump in!

  • 1:12-scale (approx 6 inches tall)
  • highly articulated
  • designed and produced by 1000toys
  • 4th production run of this figure

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  • The fingers and toes appear to be articulated. Is this the case? How many points of articulation are present

    Fingers are not articulated. There's a point of articulation mid-foot that helps him crouch. Total number of points of articulation is undetermined. 1000toys didn't even count them all up. It's a LOT.

  • Any news on when the 1/6 version will be out?

    As I understand it, the 1/6 should ship to us soon after the 1/12. so... soon? no solid date yet though

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