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TOA Heavy Industries Synthetic Human 4th Run 1/6-scale action figure by 1000toys

$ 150.00

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From 1000toys (Sen-Toys), the Synthetic Human from Tsutomu Nihei's original series TOA Heavy Industries, is back in the original 1/6 scale!

Being able to adapt to various environments, the Synthetic Human's combat ability is very high. But due to being a prototype, his outer aspects are incomplete, making the facial mask a mere shell which mimics the human face.

Features incredible articulation and stiff joints that will allow you to pose with confidence! Eyeballs can also be moved to allow you even more flexibility when you pose it.

Comes with 2 sets of exchangeable hands and exchangeable face parts. This will be a new (4th) production run that will reach the USA in the fall of 2019.


Ask a Question
  • This is 4th production run right?

    That's correct, have clarified in the title. Thanks!

  • When will these ship?

    September/October 2019

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