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TOA Heavy Industries Synthetic Human 2nd Run 1:6-scale action figure by 1000toys

$ 120.00

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The prototype build of the male type Synthetic Human was developed by TOA Heavy Industries for special operations. The Synthetic Human will be stationed to the TOA Heavy Industries headquarters as a multi-role agent.

Being able to adapt to various environments, the Synthetic Human has a very high level of combat ability. But due to being a prototype, his outer aspects are incomplete, with the facial mask being a mere shell which mimics the human face. The early stage prototype of the Synthetic Human has a self-learning A.I. installed.

  • 1:6-scale / 12 inches / 300 mm tall
  • highly articulated
  • designed and produced by 1000toys
  • includes 3 total pairs of hands including one "weapon holding" hand set
  • 2nd production run version
  • boxed w black foam interior padding
  • ages 15+ years
  • official SEN-TI-NEL CO. LTD. product

About TOA Heavy Industries:

TOA Heavy Industries is a brand line developed in collaboration with Japanese manga artist Tsutomu Nihei. 1/6 Synthetic Human was the first figure in the line and immediately gained worldwide popularity. Its next-level articulation and attention to production detail helped 1000toys explode onto the scene and has defined our entire body of work from the start. The line has seen the release of many exciting 1/6 scale figures and has now expanded to include unique versions of characters from the G.I. Joe universe released in collaboration with the American lifestyle retailer BAIT. A newly re-engineered 1/12 scale Synthetic Human has inspired the launch of the nu:synth initiative - a new line of artist collaboration figures. Series one includes collaborations with renowned YouTubers Toy Pizza, veteran Japanese toymaker Mori Katsura of RealxHead, and indie action figure pioneer Matt Doughty of Onell Design.


  • Design: Tsutomu Nihei
  • Direction: Yuta Tobari
  • Modeling: Yuki Nakamura
  • Finishing: Yoji Hayakawa

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  • Hi what is the difference between the 2nd and 4th run of these? The 4th run seems to differ in price but are both 1/6 scale. Thanks!

    So basically overall these are new production runs of the same figure. Articulation and overall presentation will be same. However, each figure does have a small symbol on back of neck which will tell you which production run it is. I have provided images of this symbol. If you don't care which production run, buy the 2nd run.

  • Does this version come with the weapon holding hands?

    comes with 3 sets of hands, one appears to be configured the right way to hold a gun, it looks like

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