Work Dog Exclusive Blue 7.5" soft vinyl figure by Vincent Scala

$ 50.00

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Designed and produced by Vincent Scala

  • 7.75" tall
  • vinyl
  • comes with alternate head, pin, mini prints & sticker
  • limited to 20 in this color

About Work Dog: Work Dog started as a simple comic strip that I kept going back to create more of. As a professional designer, my road has not been a glorious box of crayons and unicorns. I have had to put up with piles of corporate BS as well as office politics and nonsense. I not only created Work Dog, I have lived it, as I am sure many of you out there have as well ! As an artist, I did the best thing I could and that was find a funny way to show these situations. They were not only therapeutic for myself but as I posted more on my Instagram (@vincentscala), I realized that there are a lot of people who have felt the same way and could relate to Work Dog. He is anyone that has either had a tough boss, or a tough job in general.

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