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Mictlantecuhtli, Lord of the Underworld and Death by Ek Ocelotl

Mictlantecuhtli, Lord of the Underworld and Death by Ek Ocelotl

A representation of Mictlantecuhtli, the Lord of the underworld and death of the Mexica (Aztec) mythology is the first art toy by Ek Ocelotl. They are passionate about their prehispanic culture and want the name of the Aztec gods to be known throughout the planet.

3 different editions are available, all made from resin! 

With a finish that looks like a stone sculpture carved by the mexica themselves. It has a real obsidian on the chest! An element of great ritual importance for the Mexica. They believed that obsidian was created at the moment a lightning struck the earth, thus  costituting the union between the earthly and the divine.

Available in Orange, Pink, and Green, for the lovers of the iconic colorful and vibrant art toy style. They look awesome under black light! (UV Light).

With a classic DIY style, mainly tought for all those who enjoy intervening and painting their own pieces.

All these and other rewards are available through a Kickstarter campaign running from November the 2nd, 2020 to December the 2nd, 2020. You can find the campaign here: 


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Designer Toy Elekid by The 3D Hero available for PRE-ORDER NOW ! ! !

Designer Toy Elekid by The 3D Hero available for PRE-ORDER NOW ! ! !

Who's that pokemon!! Its ELEKID?
Pre orders drop 11/20/20
20 pieces available 
$65+ shipping 
This little elekid came down from the grasslands,
Poor little fella all tired out barley about to hold a charge. 
He may be derpy.. but gosh darn it ain't he cute! 
Gotta catch em all!!! And give them a loving home. ❤💙
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GOTH AHWROO (Hand-painted GOLD and SILVER EYE Edition) by Gary Baseman coming soon ! ! !

GOTH AHWROO (Hand-painted GOLD and SILVER EYE Edition) by Gary Baseman coming soon ! ! !

Release FRIDAY, November 27, 9am PST

Get your one-of-a-kind GOTH AHWROO, hand-painted by GARY BASEMAN. Musing about mortality, Baseman brings forth a new version of his character Ahwroo who howls at the moon in pain and fury. Goth Ahwroo is “born from unrequited love, and emerges from Midnight to Mourning in search of his beloved.”

With only 24 Goth Ahwroos each with gold or silver eyes, these figures are offered first to collectors on our mailing list. Each unique Goth Ahwroo comes attired in a special pleather collar and gold or silver inverted cross, plus a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Special holiday pricing (USD), 1 per customer:
$540 + $10 US domestic shipping and handling
$540 + $40 International shipping and handling
Shipping starts the week of December 7, 2020



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Crypt Creepers by We Become MonstersAvailable November 27th at 10am, Pacific, only at Webecomemonsters.com ! ! !

Crypt Creepers by We Become MonstersAvailable November 27th at 10am, Pacific, only at Webecomemonsters.com ! ! !

                                       COMING SOON ! ! ! 

Remember my Crypt Creepers* from 6 years ago? “Crypt Creepers creep crypts clean!” Turns out they’ve spawned! In the spirit of muppet babies or uh.. something.. cutie little .. Crypt Creepies!

1 inch tall, maybe 2 inches wide. Sold blind bagged, edition of 21 (each is a one off)

6/21 are painted, 1/21 glow, 1/21 UV color change, All have GITD eyes

Each one comes with stickers.


Click the link to purchase on the day of the sale!


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SNIVELERS! available November 27th at 10am, Pacific, only at Webecomemonsters.com

SNIVELERS! available November 27th at 10am, Pacific, only at Webecomemonsters.com

SNIVELERS! Worthless bags of flesh who think they are better than YOU! Yes YOU sir or madame!  Buy one today and put it in its place. Everytime you feel like you have to pee, but can’t, it’s because one of these things is thinking about you. Contradictory, crapulent, and infuriating, they are a loving addition to any home.

3 inches tall, not counting the hair, made of polyurethane resin

You’ll also get some stickers!


Click the link below to purchase! 



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AW177 Year of the Foo Dog Shirts Now Available
Superplastic and Gorillaz Drop Four New Limited Edition Art Toys NOW on their site

Superplastic and Gorillaz Drop Four New Limited Edition Art Toys NOW on their site

 Global entertainment brand Superplastic has partnered with virtual British band Gorillaz to release four ultra-luxe limited edition designer toys in celebration of the band’s critically-acclaimed new album Song Machine: Season One - Strange Timez . The product drop - available today on Superplastic.co - features all four band members: frontman 2D , guitarist Noodle , drummer Russel Hobbs and bassist Murdoc Niccals .


This isn’t Superplastic’s first collaboration with Gorillaz, but it is the largest. 2019 saw Gorillaz lead singer 2D immortalized in vinyl and was the first Gorillaz toy of its kind in over ten years since Gorillaz co-creator Jamie Hewlett first worked with Superplastic founder Budnitz on the iconic vinyl Gorillaz toys back in 2005. This second collaboration includes an all new 2D figure, as well as Murdoc, Russel, and Noodle.

"After more than 15 years creating vinyl toys with the Gorillaz, I’m super excited to be releasing the first full set of Gorillaz toys in 10 years. As the world’s premiere boutique creator of art toys, Superplastic only works with a handful of the world’s top artists. Jamie Hewlett is a genius and his twisted universe is a massive inspiration for me, Janky and Guggimon, and everyone at Superplastic,” says Superplastic founder Paul Budnitz.

The limited-edition vinyl toy collection features four figures – one for each band member – with each ranging between 9 and 12-inches tall and retail from $80-95 MSRP through December 31, 2020. For the first 48 hours, all orders made will come with an exclusive commemorative Gorillaz pin gift with purchase. The 2D and Murdoc toys to ship in December with Noodle and Russel to ship February 2021.

All orders can be bundled to include a ticket to Song Machine Live , a one-off fully live Gorillaz concert created to watch from the comfort of your home and available to stream worldwide on LIVENow. A full show production featuring the Gorillaz live band led by Damon Albarn, blending exciting real time live performance and Jamie Hewlett animation plus appearances from very special guest artists too. With three separate live performances, anything can happen and no matter where you are in the world, there’s a show start-time to suit you.

With millions of dollars in toy and apparel sales to-date, as well as product drops that sell out in minutes, Superplastic continues to cement its position as a leader in the new era of digital entertainment and virtual celebrities - one that is breaking boundaries between online and traditional media, and real and virtual worlds.


About Gorillaz

Virtual band Gorillaz is singer 2D, bassist Murdoc Niccals, guitarist Noodle and drummer Russel Hobbs. Created by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett, their acclaimed eponymous debut album was released in 2001. The BRIT and Grammy Award winning band’s subsequent albums are Demon Days (2005), Plastic Beach (2010), The Fall (2011), Humanz (2017), The Now Now (2018) and Song Machine: Season One (2020). A truly global phenomenon, Gorillaz have achieved success in entirely ground-breaking ways, touring the world from San Diego to Syria, winning numerous awards including the coveted Jim Henson Creativity Honor. * The band are recognised by The Guinness Book Of World Records as the planet’s Most Successful Virtual Act.

About LIVENow

LIVENow is home to amazing live experiences and aims to entertain, engage and educate. Sports, concerts, workouts, stand-up comedy, inspirational speakers and more are broadcast to screens around the world. Passionate about sharing events as they happen, LIVENow gives fans exclusive access to live-streams that can be enjoyed at home and with friends via group viewing option Watch Together.


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The Thing Resin Action Figure Series- Wave One from Pickman’s Vinyls

The Thing Resin Action Figure Series- Wave One from Pickman’s Vinyls

Pickman’s Vinyls is excited to present the first wave of all new, original figures to launch The Thing Resin Action Figure Series! 
Featuring 3 iconic characters from John Carpenter’s The Thing, wave one of this series includes: RJ Macready with Flamethrower and Alcohol Bottle accessories; Bennings with removable “thing reveal” arms; and a Deluxe PalmerThing Monster with a tongue whipping feature, rubber thing hands, and an alternate human head!
Each figure in the series is hand sculpted, cast, and painted. Additionally, each standard figure comes packaged on a completely original, resealable cardback, while the deluxe figures will be packaged in a reclosable box. 
The Thing Resin Action Figure Series Wave One will be available for preorder starting Friday, November 13th at 8pm CST, with a price point of $50.00 USD plus shipping for the standard figures, $65.00 USD plus shipping for the deluxe figures, and $150 USD plus shipping for the set of 3. Each figure is strictly limited to 10 pieces in these original colors and styles. 
Shipping is expected to begin early to mid December. 
Designs and Character Art by Mike Alvarez: @zaracis
Original Card Art by Sparklefaerie: @sparklefaerie.co
Cardback Printing by Chimera Studios: @kmalone_chimera
Sculpt, Cast and Production by Pickman: @pickmansvinyls


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QUICCS Lil Qwiky GHOST Canbot dropping for HALLOWEEN

QUICCS Lil Qwiky GHOST Canbot dropping for HALLOWEEN

Meet the SPOOKY new member of the Canbot family!  

 The GHOST Lil Qwiky by Quiccs!

Get ready to GLOW! The FIRST Glow-in-the-darkCanbot designed by Philippines legend QUICCS!

Over the last few years, Quiccs has blazed a path through the art world, and for this All Hallows Eve he has teamed up with Czee13 and the crew at Clutter, to bring you the spookiest of the Lil Qwikys… The GID GHOST!  

Standing at 5.5” with its trademark rattle, the Ghost glows with a very special Blue Hue! This is the FIRST of the Canbot releases that is GLOW-IN-THE-DARK.

This new colorway will be available on
Friday, October 30th, 2020 at 11 am (EST) at Clutter.co and priced at $85.

A pre-release will be offered on Thursday, October 29th of 100 pieces to the Canbot Mafia FB group!

Limited to 500 pieces worldwide! 
*Available and ready to ship!*

Clutter will be holding back a few pieces for some select
​retailers to offer to their fans.

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Haus Of Boz Halloween Release

Haus Of Boz Halloween Release

The Bride is one of a kind 3" Kidrobot Dunny custom with a sculpted headstone base.  On sale at Hausofboz.bigcartel.com from October 29th at 8:00pm GMT+1, she is priced at 89.99 GBP and ships internationally.
On Halloween the night, the Bride rises from her resting place for her annual wedding party, forever compelled to find her wedding ring lost among the weeds on the day of her burial.  If you find it, leave it well alone, or be bound to her restless spirit for all eternity!  
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If you don't know Gerald Okamura, you need to...

If you don't know Gerald Okamura, you need to...

If you don’t know Gerald Okamura, you need to.

Gerald Okamura, now in his 80th year, has had an impressive career in the entertainment industry and is a notable figure in the martial arts community. He played a role in one of our absolute favorite movies, Big Trouble in Little China!

Some of Gerald's finer points are:


And now from our little corner of the world, we are proud to say.. He is an Official Gaddor Buddy!

Warning this buddy might kick your ass. Around 22" tall Double sided Cotton Fabric Polyester Fiberfill Made proudly in the USA

Buddies shipped around one week after an order is placed.

International shipping available. Buy yours here:


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TheFinalBosses Limited Edition Designer Toys, launching soon on Kickstarter!

TheFinalBosses Limited Edition Designer Toys, launching soon on Kickstarter!

TheFinalBosses is an up and coming creator of limited edition designer toys. They create Vinyl Collectables that follow deliberate episodes which talk about prevailing problems around the world. Episode 1 "Anti-Bully", looks at the problem of bullying around the world and how we should all be an upstander. The toys are made of Vinyl and have fine matte finishing to create that sharp and detailed finish. We highly recommend reading their story below and supporting them in their project. All the best TheFinalBosses!

Here is a brief summary of what they do.

In this world, some people have it tougher than others. TheFinalBosses goal and vision is to create characters that raise AWARENESS on the PROBLEMS that are usually overlooked around the world. The people at TheFinalBosses plan to bring these characters to life and into Limited Edition collectibles. Their artists from around the world share the passion of designing exclusive one-of-a-kind art pieces that tell a story and SPREAD MEANINGFUL messages to the public. The name “The Final Bosses” came about because overcoming these problems is similar to battling the final bosses of games. It is usually not easy and takes a lot of time. Back them to influence and spread positivity around the world!

Deliberate Episodes.
TheFinalBosses create and release toys on an episode by episode basis, following a deliberate storyline that talks about prevailing problems that people face around the world. Each toy is specially crafted and designed to raise awareness on these problems.
In Episode 1, they talk about “Anti-Bullying”. Paito, the main character was bullied and could be seen crying along the hallway. Lusus being an upstander witnessed the incident and comforted Paito. This harmless act, though small, was impactful towards Paito’s recovery and getting him back on his feet. 

Paito is a founding member of "TheFinalBosses". Growing up, Paito had first hand experiences of the severe problems that many people around the world are facing. He aims to share his personal experiences on each of these problems in each "Episode". Paito is a huge fan of Easter egg challenges. That is why he personally masterminds challenging riddles for players to solve in every "Episode". Only the best players will get to win the very rare and exclusive prize.

Lusus, same age as Paito, grew up together in the same town. Though within close proximity, they had very different lives. Lusus constantly rains "protection" over Paito, helping him lead a normal life that any kid deserves. Best friends since young, Lusus joined "TheFinalBosses" and became the Director of Toy Designs and was also the lead male model in the company. He is well known for his quirky one-of-a-kind toy designs that are created to bring across key messages to the public.

Paisus wears a hybrid helmet that integrates both Paito and Lusus, exuding energy from both Paito and Lusus. If you follow our story, you would be familiar with both our main characters. Paito represents the vast majority of people and the problems they face. Lusus is a strong "Upstander" and is always reaching out to those in need. The bear claw is a symbol of strength and represents how one should stand up firm against any wrongdoings and face them with courage. The diapers on Paisus illustrates how these problems can manifest from a young age and should never be taken too lightly. PS: The shoes on Paisus belong to both Paito and Lusus.

Easter Egg challenge
Something unique about TheFinalBosses, is that they mastermind Easter Egg Challenges for players to compete and solve 4 mysterious challenges to claim the ultra-rare prize. Episode 1’s challenge is estimated to be of 7.5/10 difficulty.  The top 5 finishers will be crowned The Final Bosses and have their names engraved on the Leaderboard for the rest of History! Top 3 finishers would earn themselves uber exclusive prizes! EXCITING!
Having such challenges, TheFinalBosses aim to create a community that are closely knit and is constantly working together to solve problems around the world!

Toy look
Paito and Lusus are made of vinyl and designed to have a retro toy look. They both stand at 12 inches tall. Paisus is also made of vinyl and stands at 7 inches tall. They will be packed in handsome eureka boxes. Take a chance and open one to see what you get!

TheFinalBosses will be launching really soon!  What are you waiting for? Join the Bosses family now and back TheFinalBosses campaign by clicking the "Notify me on launch" button via this link now! You won't regret it!


Social media
Instagram: @thefinalbosses 

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