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MechatroWeGo is BACK!! Presenting 35MechatroWeGo 80s edition

MechatroWeGo is BACK!! Presenting 35MechatroWeGo 80s edition

35MechatroWeGo is back in a new super fun 80’s inspired colorway!

Inspired by the Italian design group Memphis, Mr. Kobayashi - the original creator of Mechatro WeGo and mastermind behind CHUBU MECHATRONICS - provided color chips and paint samples in a soft pastel palette to define the color scheme. Sentinel worked its production magic to deliver a product that faithfully matched the colors of Kobayashi’s original prototypes


If you're not familiar with the 1/35 scale MechatroWeGo releases from Sentinel, then you are in for a treat - there is an unbelievable amount of articulation and poseability packed into a small robot figure for 100% FUN!

Built with an ABS plastic frame and die-cast metal parts, this modular toy is designed to allow for easy removal of various parts allowing for customization from simple decorations by beginners to complex modification by professionals. The head hatch can be opened and closed, and each arm and leg joint is fully articulated, so you can easily create many flexible poses.


In addition, each outer body part is exchangeable, so build your own WeGo by changing parts with other types from the series.


The 1/35 scale MechatroWeGo is approx. 75mm in height and fits perfectly in your hand!

The product package has been updated to a clear box that displays 35MechatroWeGo 80’s in a dynamic pose.

This newest release is a playful addition to any MechatroWeGo collection.


Worldwide pre-order starts January 15, 2021

General Release: May 2021
For ordering information and wholesale Inquiries

visit http://www.d4toys.com/


Product Details


  • Product Name: 35MechatroWeGo 「80's
  • MSRP: US $ 45
  • Height: 75mm (3 inches)
  • Material: ABS , DIECAST , POM
  • Design & Finishing: MODERHYTHM / Kazushi Kobayashi
  • Engineering: T-REX (JAPAN)
  • Production: Sentinel Co. Ltd.


© MODERHYTHM / Kazushi Kobayashi

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Q&A: Should I take my art toys out of their packaging?

Q&A: Should I take my art toys out of their packaging?

Q: I have been collecting vinyl toys for at least 25 years. I want to display them, but I don’t want to decrease their (possible) value. Is this just stupid? Should I at least save the boxes? I have big qee, dunnys, as well as the series of collections.
What would you do?

A: This is a very hot button issue (hence this blog post), comes down to personal preference and your plans for future.

Do you intend to sell your collection at some point? If so, keep in boxes, in the dark, in climate controlled environment. Hot temps make plastic melt or deform, sunlight makes boxes and plastic get discolored.
I am an artist, and I love the art itself, the actual toys. I HATE boxes. I want to see the sculpture I bought. I throw boxes away because they make me sad.
I also work on the toy development and manufacturing side. I spend most of my day looking at and thinking about the toy shapes and colors and how the piece of art fits into a collection and the current marketplace.
The boxes, in my opinion, prevent me from seeing the actual work. I consider the boxes to function as fancy protection to get the toy to the customer. They are like the carton your eggs come in. The eggs are the product, keeping the eggs inside the carton forever is silly to me. Egg cartons are thrown out, they protect the eggs till the eggs get to your kitchen and then... they are garbage. I see toy boxes the same way.
I used to work at a museum.
All the artwork arrived in crates. My job was to uncrate the pieces and put them on display (I was an art handler). Can you imagine leaving the paintings and sculptures inside crates?
How would anyone appreciate the art that went into the pieces? They wouldn't.
"Hey, come to our museum! We have a lot of beautiful pieces by talented artists! Oh yeah, well, they are in crates still because we were worried about messing them up. So you can look at our crates. But not the art, no, the art must be hidden, it's too valuable. Nice crate though!"
Seems silly in a museum, your house is like a tiny personal museum. I say unbox everything.
Yes, fold up the boxes very carefully, or place them inside each other to save space, and store them away.
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Sign up to be notified when the Hope resin toy Kickstarter goes live!

Sign up to be notified when the Hope resin toy Kickstarter goes live!

It's time for a bit more Hope in our lives.

  Bright-eyed, a bit naïve, and always looking ahead, this designer toy is the embodiment of the fires of Hope.

This full pour designer resin toy is in development by Sarah Dahlinger for release in early 2021.

Join this list to be among the first notified to get one of these limited edition figures.

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Snow Angel Mickey Sculpture - Shiny Stars Disney Collection by APPortfolio

Snow Angel Mickey Sculpture - Shiny Stars Disney Collection by APPortfolio

APPortfolio has assembled a team of top international artists in recent years to plan a series of "POP INFINITY" art projects inspired by Disney's classic characters, and the more "POP INFINITY" series of art projects are coming soon, especially the one and only SNOW ANGEL MICKEY.

Snow Angel originated from children playing games on the snow, representing children's innocence, self-enjoyment and imagination. The creative inspiration of "Snow Angel Mickey" is from "Snow Angel" an angel's contour by swinging hands and feet in the snow.

APPortfolio combines art, culture and fashion elements perfectly through this dynamic modeling, successfully making POP INFINITY – Disney show into a cross-border carrier of art and culture captured the moment of today’s trend.

  • Color: Clear Pink
  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 30cm (H) x 30cm (L) x 10m (D)
  • Weight: 1 KG
  • Limit: 500

Purchase link: www.apportfolioshop.com

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QUBO 16cm resin figure by mgng design - preorders now open

QUBO 16cm resin figure by mgng design - preorders now open

  • Pre-order cost $ 70
  • Toy height 16cm.
  • Material: resin
  • All parts are collapsible
  • Limited edition of 50 pieces
  • Production: factory in China (Guangzhou)
  • Production time: 30-40 days

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Planar Mike "the Shrug" 10-inch resin figure preorder now open

Planar Mike "the Shrug" 10-inch resin figure preorder now open

When Life Gets too heavy, Shrug it off!

    • Original Price: 333 USD + (50 USD Global Shipping)
    • Height: 10 Inches
    • Material: Resin
    • First Day of Pre-Order (December 23, 2020/PHT): 25% Discount >>>250 USD + (50 USD Global Shipping)
    • Next 7 Days of Pre-Order (December 24-30, 2020/PHT): 15% Discount >>>283 USD + (50 USD Global Shipping)
    • The Rest of the Pre-Order Period: 10% Discount >>>300 USD + (50 USD Global Shipping
  • Global Shipping Fee Applies
  • Stocks: Limited to 323 pieces worldwide. Available while stocks last!
  • Shipment Date: Approximately Second Quarter of 2021
  • Shipping Period: 1 month from the date of placing the order.
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    5thTurtle Dreamer Group Show - April 2021

    5thTurtle Dreamer Group Show - April 2021

    With 2020 coming to a close shortly, things are always rolling along for artists and his/her projects. 2021 looks to be no different for 5thTurtle artist Carlos Benitez. With just a teaser shot of some clear cast Dreamer figures and a long roll call of artists, the show is already shaping up to be a hit months in advance. What seems to originally have been planned as a group show, will now take place at Clutter Gallery, in Beacon, NY. Hopefully this means we will be able to see a solo show from Carlos sometime next year as well. For updates on the show and anything 5thTurtle, be sure to keep follow and keep an eye on all social media for 5thTurtle, as well as all of the artists listed in the roll call.


    5thTurtle Shop


    5thTurtle IG:


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    Lucky Frank the Lucky Cat Customs by Kendra Customs

    Lucky Frank the Lucky Cat Customs by Kendra Customs

    The Lucky Frank the Lucky Cat customs are two hand painted 8-inch vinyl Lucky Cats by Kendra Customs, originally produced by independent toy maker Vincent Scala.

    These 2 Lucky Cats have been custom painted by Kendra Thomas, of Kendra's Customs, in her bright & colorful style. While they are painted in a very similar manner, each one is unique.

    Lucky Frank tried his hand at being a cat, lost too many lives and luckily is still alive. Now he's retiring with whatever limbs he has left and trying his paw at being an artist. People may not like his bright color ways and broken appearance, but they are how he sees the world. Beauty in color and the brokenness of it all.

    These customs are limited to two pieces and priced at $250 each. These are available to ship immediately from the Tenacious Toys US warehouse. Also, US and Canada customers enjoy free shipping for these items.



    Lucky Frank:

    Tenacious Toys homepage:

    Kendra's Customs:

    Kendra on IG:

    Vincent Scala on IG:

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    Sank Toys Little Sank-Crimson PREORDER Now Available

    Sank Toys Little Sank-Crimson PREORDER Now Available

    Little Sank-Crimson



    *** Today's drop will take place at 10AM EST ***

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    Teaser: Bushido-Cans (Bred Edition) by Inch Lab x Crack

    Teaser: Bushido-Cans (Bred Edition) by Inch Lab x Crack

    Reza a.k.a. Crack Crack is a graffiti artist and designer based in Indonesia. He is inspired by things in his daily life and his childhood memories. When creating graffiti, animation, motion graphics and toys, he likes to include elements of graffiti, Hip Hop and Japanese culture in his pieces. His style is defined by crisp lines, with resplendent, vibrant and urban, with a sense of flow. Working with various mediums and collaborating with many brands and is currently working on adapting his art to designer toys, most notably a spray can character that he's been developing for a while now.

    Designer Art Figure
    Bushido-Cans (Bred Edition) is Inspired by the unwritten Samurai code of conduct, known as Bushido, held that the true warrior must hold that loyalty, courage, veracity, compassion, and honour as important, above all else. An appreciation and respect of life was also imperative, as it added balance to the warrior character of the Samurai. Overall, the Bushido code calls for an appreciation and respect for life, and teaches that people should lead by example, express benevolence, and show mercy. Bred’s original colourway is based on black and red Air Jordan and come with Pokemon’s ball, Spray Can and Sword. All figures in the pictures are not final colour or design.

    • Launch Date - December 2020 or January 2021
    • Suggested Retail Price - USD110 (To be confirmed again)
    • Colour - Red & Black
    • Size - Approximately 16cm (H)
    • Articulation - Arms & Legs
    • Accessory - Sword, Spray Can and Pokeball
    • Material - Vinyl
    • Packaging - Blister Card
    • Quantity - 100 pieces (Worldwide)
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