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QUICCS Lil Qwiky GHOST Canbot dropping for HALLOWEEN

QUICCS Lil Qwiky GHOST Canbot dropping for HALLOWEEN

Meet the SPOOKY new member of the Canbot family!  

 The GHOST Lil Qwiky by Quiccs!

Get ready to GLOW! The FIRST Glow-in-the-darkCanbot designed by Philippines legend QUICCS!

Over the last few years, Quiccs has blazed a path through the art world, and for this All Hallows Eve he has teamed up with Czee13 and the crew at Clutter, to bring you the spookiest of the Lil Qwikys… The GID GHOST!  

Standing at 5.5” with its trademark rattle, the Ghost glows with a very special Blue Hue! This is the FIRST of the Canbot releases that is GLOW-IN-THE-DARK.

This new colorway will be available on
Friday, October 30th, 2020 at 11 am (EST) at Clutter.co and priced at $85.

A pre-release will be offered on Thursday, October 29th of 100 pieces to the Canbot Mafia FB group!

Limited to 500 pieces worldwide! 
*Available and ready to ship!*

Clutter will be holding back a few pieces for some select
​retailers to offer to their fans.

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AW177 Year of the Foo Dog Shirts Now Available
Haus Of Boz Halloween Release

Haus Of Boz Halloween Release

The Bride is one of a kind 3" Kidrobot Dunny custom with a sculpted headstone base.  On sale at Hausofboz.bigcartel.com from October 29th at 8:00pm GMT+1, she is priced at 89.99 GBP and ships internationally.
On Halloween the night, the Bride rises from her resting place for her annual wedding party, forever compelled to find her wedding ring lost among the weeds on the day of her burial.  If you find it, leave it well alone, or be bound to her restless spirit for all eternity!  
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If you don't know Gerald Okamura, you need to...

If you don't know Gerald Okamura, you need to...

If you don’t know Gerald Okamura, you need to.

Gerald Okamura, now in his 80th year, has had an impressive career in the entertainment industry and is a notable figure in the martial arts community. He played a role in one of our absolute favorite movies, Big Trouble in Little China!

Some of Gerald's finer points are:


And now from our little corner of the world, we are proud to say.. He is an Official Gaddor Buddy!

Warning this buddy might kick your ass. Around 22" tall Double sided Cotton Fabric Polyester Fiberfill Made proudly in the USA

Buddies shipped around one week after an order is placed.

International shipping available. Buy yours here:


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TheFinalBosses Limited Edition Designer Toys, launching soon on Kickstarter!

TheFinalBosses Limited Edition Designer Toys, launching soon on Kickstarter!

TheFinalBosses is an up and coming creator of limited edition designer toys. They create Vinyl Collectables that follow deliberate episodes which talk about prevailing problems around the world. Episode 1 "Anti-Bully", looks at the problem of bullying around the world and how we should all be an upstander. The toys are made of Vinyl and have fine matte finishing to create that sharp and detailed finish. We highly recommend reading their story below and supporting them in their project. All the best TheFinalBosses!

Here is a brief summary of what they do.

In this world, some people have it tougher than others. TheFinalBosses goal and vision is to create characters that raise AWARENESS on the PROBLEMS that are usually overlooked around the world. The people at TheFinalBosses plan to bring these characters to life and into Limited Edition collectibles. Their artists from around the world share the passion of designing exclusive one-of-a-kind art pieces that tell a story and SPREAD MEANINGFUL messages to the public. The name “The Final Bosses” came about because overcoming these problems is similar to battling the final bosses of games. It is usually not easy and takes a lot of time. Back them to influence and spread positivity around the world!

Deliberate Episodes.
TheFinalBosses create and release toys on an episode by episode basis, following a deliberate storyline that talks about prevailing problems that people face around the world. Each toy is specially crafted and designed to raise awareness on these problems.
In Episode 1, they talk about “Anti-Bullying”. Paito, the main character was bullied and could be seen crying along the hallway. Lusus being an upstander witnessed the incident and comforted Paito. This harmless act, though small, was impactful towards Paito’s recovery and getting him back on his feet. 

Paito is a founding member of "TheFinalBosses". Growing up, Paito had first hand experiences of the severe problems that many people around the world are facing. He aims to share his personal experiences on each of these problems in each "Episode". Paito is a huge fan of Easter egg challenges. That is why he personally masterminds challenging riddles for players to solve in every "Episode". Only the best players will get to win the very rare and exclusive prize.

Lusus, same age as Paito, grew up together in the same town. Though within close proximity, they had very different lives. Lusus constantly rains "protection" over Paito, helping him lead a normal life that any kid deserves. Best friends since young, Lusus joined "TheFinalBosses" and became the Director of Toy Designs and was also the lead male model in the company. He is well known for his quirky one-of-a-kind toy designs that are created to bring across key messages to the public.

Paisus wears a hybrid helmet that integrates both Paito and Lusus, exuding energy from both Paito and Lusus. If you follow our story, you would be familiar with both our main characters. Paito represents the vast majority of people and the problems they face. Lusus is a strong "Upstander" and is always reaching out to those in need. The bear claw is a symbol of strength and represents how one should stand up firm against any wrongdoings and face them with courage. The diapers on Paisus illustrates how these problems can manifest from a young age and should never be taken too lightly. PS: The shoes on Paisus belong to both Paito and Lusus.

Easter Egg challenge
Something unique about TheFinalBosses, is that they mastermind Easter Egg Challenges for players to compete and solve 4 mysterious challenges to claim the ultra-rare prize. Episode 1’s challenge is estimated to be of 7.5/10 difficulty.  The top 5 finishers will be crowned The Final Bosses and have their names engraved on the Leaderboard for the rest of History! Top 3 finishers would earn themselves uber exclusive prizes! EXCITING!
Having such challenges, TheFinalBosses aim to create a community that are closely knit and is constantly working together to solve problems around the world!

Toy look
Paito and Lusus are made of vinyl and designed to have a retro toy look. They both stand at 12 inches tall. Paisus is also made of vinyl and stands at 7 inches tall. They will be packed in handsome eureka boxes. Take a chance and open one to see what you get!

TheFinalBosses will be launching really soon!  What are you waiting for? Join the Bosses family now and back TheFinalBosses campaign by clicking the "Notify me on launch" button via this link now! You won't regret it!


Social media
Instagram: @thefinalbosses 

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UNCLE Returns from Outer Space with Two New Custom Toy Drops This Thurs & Friday

UNCLE Returns from Outer Space with Two New Custom Toy Drops This Thurs & Friday

We always knew he was out there somewhere, but now our favorite UNCLE has set his course for Planet Tenacious with not one but two new custom toy series drops this week.

At 11am sharp EST on Thursday Oct 22, Tenacious Toys drops the "Ghost Nebula" series of customized Luke Chueh Ghostbears. These are 3" tall clear vinyl figures with small moons floating in the center, and a signature half-figure paint application process developed by UNCLE. Limited to just 12, each one is handpainted and unique at $150 each.

The following day (Fri, Oct 23rd) at 11am, Tenacious Toys will drop the "Neutral Buoyancy" series of customized Kidrobot Balloon Dunnys. These are 8" tall vinyl figures which feature a Dunny suspended over a weight. Based on a popular series of production toys from Kidrobot & Wendigo Toys, these 12 handpainted Dunnys are each unique with their depictions of colorful galaxies and nebulae. They are priced at $250 each.

Each UNCLE custom piece in these drops is highly detailed and colorful, a beautiful piece of unique art. Find them exclusively on the UNCLE collection page at Tenacious Toys.

All UNCLE custom toy orders ship free within the US and come with a free Tenacious Toys enamel pin.

UNCLE Studio collection at Tenacious Toys:


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Plaseebo HALLOWEEN Part 2 “Ghost Night Gamer" Lottery open now thru EOD today

Plaseebo HALLOWEEN Part 2 “Ghost Night Gamer" Lottery open now thru EOD today

Plaseebo HALLOWEEN Part 2 “Ghost Night Gamer" Lottery open now thru Monday October 19th
The “Ghost Night Gamer" is a one of a kind custom built on a Skull Head Butt “X” vinyl body with a Plaseebo Night Gamer head. He has clear blue inset eyes and white hair. He stands 9 inches tall and is illuminated from within by a motion activated color-changing LED unit with replaceable batteries. Painted with Monster Kolor sprays and signed by Bob.
USD $550. + $20. for US shipping OR $65. for world-wide shipping.
To enter lottery, please send the following to:   bob@plaseebo.net 
1.  Name
2.  Shipping Address 
3.  Country
4.  Telephone Number
5.  PayPal Email Address
6.  Instagram ID
Lottery winner will receive a notification email by Tuesday October 20th. The figure will ship from the USA upon receipt of payment due by Wednesday October 21st.
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Big C Baby Fatts Group Show Live Now
Sentinel Japan presents Sage of the Halo (Kourin no Seiji)

Sentinel Japan presents Sage of the Halo (Kourin no Seiji)

Sentinel Japan is proud to present Sage of the Halo (Kourin no Seiji)
our second figure in the Chou-Dan-Kadou Yoroi Den Samurai
Troopers line.


Armor Warrior Seiji Date is a descendant of the General “Date” Clan
and inherits the spirit of “Respect”

Seiji’s special move is RAIKOUZAN - concentrating the energy of light
onto his blade to slash the enemy.

This anime-accurate highly articulated figure comes with a gorgeous
set of Under-Gear and Yoroi-Gear (armor). The product is fully
articulated enabling Seiji to perform various fighting actions. Equip
Seiji with the Yoroi-Gear and various optional parts for a supreme
customizing experience! The Armor-Gear can also be displayed using
the pedestal frame as seen in the anime!

The figure comes with 3 kinds of facial expressions and includes an
armor mask. You will be amazed with the impressive workmanship
done by Yuta Fukuya with the detailed reproduction of Seiji’s
signature hairstyle and his facial expression!

The “Halo” Yoroi-Gear holds the power of light. This product comes
with a dedicated pedestal frame which reproduces the “Armor State”.
A “Shogi” is also included in the package to display Seiji sitting down
with his Armor-Gear equipped. The leg armor has a magnet built-in
to attach/detach the armor.

Having a wide range of motion, Seiji can hold the Halo sword with
both hands allowing various powerful poses! The weapon can be held
in Seiji’s hand or attached to Seiji’s back with a special hanger. The
long Halo Sword extends up to the entire length of the figure
precisely replicating the anime. The blade is detachable and can be
used as a “Shuriken” and “Kunai”.

The product is made with ABS Plastic with gloss finish. Producing a
sharp and solid feel to the Samurai Trooper. The HALO Armor-Gear is
reproduced with a new molding for better presentation of the
Samurai Trooper in both Under-Gear state and Armored state.

Product Line: Chou-Dan-Kadou Samurai Troopers
Product Name: Sage of the Halo (Kourin No Seiji)


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Trick or Treat Pumpkid by Czee13 available now at Clutter

Trick or Treat Pumpkid by Czee13 available now at Clutter

Happy Halloween Designer Toy Freaks! Set your evil gaze upon the latest toy from the twisted mind of UK street artist Czee13! The Pumpkid! With a pumpkin head, ghostly form, and dope trainers, this vinyl toy is the perfect sculptural art piece for your Halloween spookfest!

Standing at 5.5", Each edition is limited to just 100 pieces, with only 90 of each available for sale. Priced at just $85 each they won't be around for llllooonnnngg.


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NEW Lucky Coin from Friendswithyou

NEW Lucky Coin from Friendswithyou

We have created this ‘Lucky Coin’ to endow its owner with the power of light, love, & magic - the primary tenets of our Golden Cloud Club. With great power comes the great responsibility to lead our global community, heralding the principles of compassion and empathy for each other and the world we live in.
This lucky amulet measures 3" in diameter & comes with an acrylic case inside a gold foiled velvet box, signed and numbered certificate, in an edition of 1,000.  
Order here: https://friends-with-you.myshopify.com/products/lucky-coin

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Nugglife "Wooden Greenhouse" Pre-orders open

Nugglife "Wooden Greenhouse" Pre-orders open

"Wooden Greenhouse"
 - $500 each
 - Limited run of 6 hand built miniature greenhouses 
 - 5.25 x 8.5 x 4.75
 -  Hand cut, sculpted, assembled, painted and grown by hand. The first ever miniature Greenhouse with LEDs.  Nuggs has spent countless years crafting his unique growrooms using whatever materials are available. Sometimes things have to be built with scrap metal or in an old factory. But every once in a while, a special project showcasing his finest skills comes around. Nothing could be a better example than the “Wooden Greenhouse”. With precise wood cutting, plastic panels inlaid, and the overall elegant feel of the piece, owning one of these is like having a real greenhouse.
-RUNS ON 9V Battery
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