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Q. What actual shipping company is Economy / Cheapest Shipping?

A. The short answer is, it depends. It could be: USPS First Class (US Postal Service), Asendia, or UPS Innovations (United Parcel Service). Our warehouse chooses the cheapest possible ship option for your order based on your location and the size of the order. Often the cheapest international service is the new Asendia Priority Tracked, which uses a combination of service providers including La Poste and USPS. For UK customers, for example, an Asendia package will be picked up by Asendia, handed over to USPS before leaving the US, and then handed over to Royal Mail once it gets to the UK. That means final delivery would be made by Royal Mail. Tracking updates for Asendia are usually good, but for UPS Innovations they are infrequent.

Q. I ordered in one of your International Shops, but my order seems to be headed to a US address! Help! What is happening?

A. Our International Shops have a super sweet freight forwarding option at checkout. It will be the cheapest option, so you probably chose that one. Your package will go to a depot in the US (that's the weird US address), relabeled with your address and a new tracking number, and then loaded onto a plane along with hundreds of other packages all going to the same country. It'll show up soon! Check your email for the new tracking number. These emails come from @glopal.com and are sometimes dumped into your Span or Junk.

Q. Do you include VAT in your international shipments?

A. NO. Import taxes in your country are your responsibility. We pay our own taxes to the US government, and you are expected to pay your taxes to your government. If you have an issue with this, please order from a store in your own country instead.

Q. How long does UPS Priority Mail Innovations delivery take?

A. Longer than any other service. Most recent packages to the UK took 20 days to arrive. Basically, the less you pay for shipping, the slower it is. USPS First Class Mail is faster but slightly more expensive. Asendia is faster and less expensive.

Q. Do you ship to my country?

A. YES! We ship worldwide. If you don't see your country in our list when checking out, just email Benny at tenacioustoys@gmail.com and he will add it.

Q. Why hasn't my order shipped yet?

A. We now have a warehouse that ships every weekday, so ALL orders of in-stock items ship immediately. If your order has not yet shipped, and you have no tracking info from us, that means something in your order cannot be shipped at this time. MANY of our items are "preorders" which means you are paying for them BEFORE they are shipped to us. We cannot ship items that we don't have yet. We will ship your order in ONE box, because your shipping cost is calculated based on the size/weight of one box that fits all of the items inside. So, if your order contains both in stock items and preorder items, it will not be shipped until all of the preorder items arrive.

Q. OK so I read the above and I want my in-stock items now.

A. No problem! Message us here and we will calculate the extra cost of splitting your order into 2 boxes. You can pay the difference by Paypal.

Q. I never received an order confirmation.

A. If you checked out and paid us, you definitely placed an order and we emailed you an order confirmation with order number to the email address you provided. If you typed the email address incorrectly, our order confirmation email will not reach you. This happens frequently. Or, the email could be in your Spam or Junk folders. If you've checked those folders already, shoot us an message in our contact form and we will figure out what happened. Not a problem!

Q. Where is my package?

A. Once shipped, you will automatically receive an email with a link to tracking info so that you can track your package. Different companies and different shipping methods have different levels of tracking info. Some update frequently and are very accurate (Fedex) and some update very infrequently (UPS Priority Mail Innovations). If you chose Cheapest / Economy, and we shipped via UPS Innovations, your tracking updates will STOP once the package is handed over to USPS. There's no continuity to the tracking scans once a UPS Innovations package is handed over to USPS and leaves the country.

Q. I got a tracking number message from Tenacious Toys, but it says they don't recognize the tracking number! Help!

A. You are checking the tracking too soon. Chances are, your package is in our warehouse, and has the shipping label on it, but it hasn't been picked up by the carrier yet. Try checking the tracking number 24 hours later - it should return the tracking info at that point. FYI services like Fedex Ground do not do any pickups on weekends. If you placed your order Friday night through Sunday night, you must wait until Monday night for a Fedex Ground tracking number to start giving you info.

Q. I need to receive my order fast. What service do I choose?

A. US customers in a rush should choose one of the faster UPS options like Second Day Air. We get great rates for those services. International customers who must receive the order quickly should avoid any Cheapest / Economy shipping and opt for USPS Priority or USPS Express Mail.

Q. My toy arrived damaged. Can you replace it?

A. We stand behind the condition of the toys we ship to you. If you receive and unbox your toy and the toy itself is damaged, has come apart, or has major condition issues, please snap pics immediately and message us here and we will take care of it for you. This might be a replacement, or a refund, depending on availability.

Q. My toy's box arrived damaged. Can you replace it?

A. We stand behind the condition of the actual toys themselves. Their boxes are meant to be thrown away, and as such, we cannot replace a box if it has dings or dents or scratches. Those dings, dents and scratches meant that the box has done its job protecting your new toy. No refunds or replacements are available for the boxes themselves. We will not replace an entire toy simply because the box is imperfect.

Q. But I'm a box collector! I need a perfect box!

A. Tenacious Toys is a toy shop, not a box shop. If you must have perfect boxes, please shop at a brick and mortar where you can choose the exact box you want. We understand that many of you keep ALL of your toys in perfect boxes forever, we support that decision, we just can't guarantee the perfectness of the box packaging. Funko in particular tends to ship about 20% of their POPs in imperfect boxes. If we threw that 20% of our shipment out, we'd make no money at all on any POPs. Our warehouse does a fantastic job of packing your order securely; however, that does nothing for the box collectors if the product arrives at our warehouse with dents or scratches on the box. Although it pains us to say this, the reality is that dedicated box collectors should shop offline for their products. This is the only way to ensure that the boxes are perfect when they get home.

Q. Benny, you're a jerk. I can't believe this box thing.

A. I may be a jerk, but at least I care more about your happiness than my own sales. If that makes me a jerk, so be it.

Q. I read the above and I still have questions.

A. No problem! Contact us here.