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  1. WHAT IS A PREORDER? A preorder is an order you place for a product before that product is actually released to retail shops. You are paying for something that we do NOT yet physically have in stock in our warehouse.
  2. All preorders are charged to your card immediately at the time of your order, regardless of when the actual product is slated to arrive. But WHY? Because in the past, we've had MANY customers backing out of their preorders just before the arrival of the products. Not cool. We base the size of our order on the number of preorders we get.
  3. ALL PREORDERS ARE FINAL. We cannot be held responsible for products that arrive later than expected. No refunds will be offered for ANY item that is not yet in stock. Make preorder purchases carefully. No exceptions. Customers who file chargebacks against us via PayPal or credit card will be banned from ordering from us forever.
  4. Each order is shipped together in one box. If you wish to purchase in-stock and preorder items, you must purchase them in 2 different orders to ensure that you get the in-stock item quickly. Otherwise, we will ship the entire order to you when the final product arrives. That could be months of waiting.


  1. We now ship in-stock items DAILY from our new warehouse. Our warehouse does not operate 24 hours a day, so please be patient. You will receive your package shipment confirmation via email once they have shipped.
  2. Custom toys are usually shipped to you by the artist that created them, so it may take a few extra days for them to mail your custom toy order.
  3. We ALWAYS send you an email once your package has shipped.  This happens automatically as soon as our warehouse applies postage. If you have not yet received that email, that means we have not yet shipped your order.
  4. Economy or Free Shipping options default to the cheapest possible shipping service. Often for international customers (outside the US) this means UPS Innovations. Innovations does NOT have tracking, and takes 3-4 weeks to reach you. If you require the package faster, or you prefer to have tracking, DO NOT choose Economy or Free Shipping.
  5. Tracking numbers will be included in the shipping confirmation email for all services EXCEPT UPS Mail Innovations. For some reason, that service has a package ID number instead of tracking, and our email code can't recognize it. To retrieve your UPS Innovations package ID number, please log into your account here on the website and look into your order history.
  6. PREORDERS DO NOT SHIP RIGHT AWAY. Please be aware of the status of the items that you order. We wait months and occasionally over a year to receive certain items. There's nothing we can do about this - we get the items when we get them. Join our email list if you'd like to receive weekly updates on the arrival of new items.
  7. We offer a FREE shipping option for customers ordering $75 or more worth of production toys*, and shipping to a US address. We are also experimenting with Free Shipping to Canada for orders of $200+ and Free Shipping to UK for orders of $200+. Free Shipping orders will be shipped via the cheapest possible method. If you have a specific shipping service you prefer (USPS or Fedex) please choose that service instead of "Cheapest" to ensure proper delivery. (*Production toys are those that are produced in factories. Offer does not apply to one of a kind customs.)


  1. New international customers should order a small item ($25 or less) first to establish a relationship with us. After that transaction has been completed and you have received your item safely, we would be more than happy to sell you more high-ticket (expensive) items.
  2. First-time international buyers making purchases of $200 or more will be closely examined simply because we've been burned by credit card fraud too many times. Don't take it personally if we cancel your order... if we cancel your order, we will send you an email explaining why we did that.
  3. We have had issues with fraudulent orders and lost mail in the following countries: Mexico, Italy, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and many, many others. We reserve the right to cancel/refund any order which sets off our red flags. To be fair, we've been the victims of credit card fraud from criminals in the US, Australia and New Zealand as well, so it's pretty widespread. (I hate losing $1000 worth of 3A to scammers, and I refuse to let that happen anymore.)
  4. We recommend against shipping First Class to Italy and Mexico as those two countries have presented repeated problems with the final (local) delivery of the packages. In short, the mail carriers tend to steal them, as there is no tracking. If you are in Italy or Mexico, we implore you to choose a shipping service with tracking, such as any Fedex service, or USPS Express Mail. We will NOT refund any money to customers in Italy or Mexico who choose First Class Mail or "Cheapest" as their shipping service, and then do not receive said packages. We warned you.
  1. Returns / refunds are accepted for items that arrive with unreasonable damage to the product (packaging is NOT included in this policy: boxes exist for the protection of the toy only, and are meant to be thrown away once the toy arrives safely). Take a photograph ON THE DAY OF DELIVERY and email us that same day at tenacioustoys@gmail.com to request a return, refund or replacement. An address will be provided for each return once we've approved it.
  2. No refunds will be offered for damaged items that have been in your possession for longer than 3 days. After 3 days we expect you to have opened and examined the item. Any longer than 3 days, we will assume that the damage has occurred as a result of your actions after the item has come out of the box.
  3. No refunds will be offered for items which are slightly shorter or taller than the height listed in the item description.
  4. No refunds will be offered for intact items which have been opened and removed from their packaging.
  5. All refunds and returns should be handled directly with Benny Kline at tenacioustoys@gmail.com. There is absolutely no reason at all to go directly to your credit card company or PayPal to file a case or start a chargeback. Benny is a normal, reasonable person running a very small company. He can handle your issues himself. Customers who file cases against us will immediately be banned from doing business with us, regardless of the outcome of the case. Ain't nobody got no time for that.
  6. Shipping costs are non-refundable. If we agree to a refund, it will be a refund of the price of the product only. We will not cover shipping costs incurred by you when mailing us the item to be returned. We will not issue a refund without a return of the product in question.
  1. Our entire site is secured (https) for your safety.
  2. We will never sell, give away or otherwise distribute ANY of your personal information. That includes name, address, email, phone number, payment info like Paypal addresses and CC numbers, and ANY other personally identifiable info. Your privacy is sacred here.
  3. All credit card and transaction information is protected by the same level of security used by banks: a 256-bit SSL certificate.
  4. We never actually see your full credit card info. We just can't, our system doesn't give us that info, even as "super administrators." When we look at your order, we can only see the last 4 digits of your card number.


  1. Our social media is our temple. Abuse, hate speech, and overall negativity will not be tolerated on any of our social media channels. Violators will be blocked and reported.
  2. Filing chargeback cases through your credit card company or PayPal will result in an immediate ban from our shop.