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About Us

Welcome to Tenacious Toys®!

We are a small team of passionate toy people. Tenacious Toys was started by Benny & Steph on a whim in 2005 with a few random toy purchases and an eBay shop. Since then, we've grown and expanded into a full-service website, blog and supporter of emerging artists around the world. We live and work in tropical New York, NY in the U. S. of A. 

We love vinyl art toys as well as handcrafted resin sculptures, and we always try to offer a wide selection of both for your shopping pleasure. Additionally, you will find a rotating collection of one-of-a-kind custom toys in a variety of mediums available for purchase on our site. We do happily accept inquiries from unrepresented artists seeking to place their works on our site.

During the past decade of selling art toys, we've seen a lot of changes in this small industry: it has grown and changed from a purely artist-centric industry to one more focused on licensing. Along the way, we've watched numerous artists set out on their journeys, with some achieving widespread success, and others fading away. We've also seen MANY other toy shops and manufacturers start up and close down. This industry isn't easy... longevity takes a lot of effort and dedication, and a little bit of willingness to evolve, adapt and educate.

Lately we've found that a vast majority of toy collectors are focused on the less limited items like Funko POPs, action figures, and Kidrobot's Dunnys. It is our hope that we can present those items to you alongside more limited art toys like resin sculptures, one-off customs and super limited artist-designed vinyl/PVC/polystone pieces. We are hoping that this close placement of the higher-end products on the same pages as the mass produced items will lead to a crossover for collectors, and introduce them to some of the artists and sculptural work that can be found in the super limited art pieces. There's a whole world out there of collectible sculptural artworks, and we hope our shop acts as the gateway to your discovery and enjoyment of these pieces.

Our team includes a handful of people that really make the whole operation work:

  • Benny is the daily operator, sending all the emails, running day-today operations and the Tenacious social media empire
  • Steph is the co-owner, making the bigger decisions that keep us on track and in the black
  • Our bloggers Thomas, Brandon, Mark, Tasha, Mario, Gavriel and several others keep the posts flowing over on the Tenacious.ninja blog
  • We have a close circle of artists and creators who we work with frequently to produce and release unique collectibles. Check our nav menu for a list of them.

We can be reached here:

Email: sales@tenacioustoys.com

Phone: (347) 223-5869

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