Founded in 2002, Kidrobot is acknowledged worldwide as the premier creator and dealer of limited edition art toys, signature apparel and lifestyle accessories. An innovative cross between sculpture and conceptual art, Kidrobot offers not only a powerful medium for today's international fashion designers, illustrators and graffiti artists, but also the creative canvas for emerging street trends and pop art.

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  • Global Warming Sucks 8" Art Figure by Alex Solis - Flocked - April 2020
  • 7" Mecha Labbit by Frank Kozik - Classic Camo - April 2020
  • Sanrio Hello Kitty Kaiju Cosplay 8" Art Figure - Metallic Green - June 2020
  • 8" Gashadokuro Dunny- DROPS TDOAY AUG 14th!
  • 3" Treasure Dunny - Cherry Bikini
  • Spongebob medium figure
  • Keith Haring Andy Mouse
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Kidrobot 5" Void Mecha Half Ray Dunny by Dirty Robot Destroy Edition Kidrobot Kidrobot Tenacious Toys®
Kidrobot 8" Krak Dunny by Scott Tolleson Crystal Edition Kidrobot Vinyl Art Toy Tenacious Toys®
Kidrobot New Money 5" Metal Dunny by Tristan Eaton Rose Gold Edition Kidrobot Vinyl Art Toy Tenacious Toys®
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Dolly Oblong Dairobo-B Mecha Half Ray 5-inch Dunny Yellow by Kidrobot Kidrobot Vinyl Art Toy Tenacious Toys®
Kidrobot x Aggretsuko 6-inch vinyl figure Calm edition Kidrobot Kidrobot Tenacious Toys®
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Doktor A Mechtorians Mini Series 3-inch blind box figure by Kidrobot Kidrobot Vinyl Art Toy Tenacious Toys®
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Star Wars A New Hope Officer Cass custom Kidrobot Munny by Jon-Paul Kaiser vendor-unknown Custom Tenacious Toys®
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